Why a Blog?


My first race (Crystal City 5K Series)!

In April 2016, I decided I would take my newfound interest in running to the next level and I would register for races within the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area and abroad. From that point forward, my long-time beau had the unique pleasure of receiving mid-day text messages including phrases like “this looks like an interesting race” and early morning email forwards with CONGRATULATIONS, you’re now registered for _______!”

If asked to recall his unique feelings of excitement, he might roll his eyes and shake his head, as he protests the volume of races for which one [awesome] person manages to register over a few weeks. However, I am convinced, that underneath it all, he marveled in my excitement, considering I developed my love of running from him (it’s actually a love-hate relationship of running, since we’re being honest).

Through running I have met and befriended an amazing group of people – all with the goal of becoming a better version of themselves, accomplishing a goal that at one point may have seemed unachievable.

So this brings us to the point of this blog. Since April 2016, I (along with my beau and/or a host of badass runners) have run 35 races (including virtual races and challenges, Ragnars and two-day racing series). There have been over 10 check-ins of hotels, over 20 times of being seated at a table, and many invaluable experiences unique to the respective location.

This blog is from the perspective of a woman “charging the hill” to age 40, looking for great deals on 3-5 Star hotels, eating good food, and appreciating all the experiences have to offer. Most of these experiences involve a race; others involve the efforts of two long-distance lovers to make the most of our time together. *Please note, I am not getting paid to discuss the events, hotels, restaurants, or anything in between. It’s just me, giving you my two cents …straight up, no chaser.