The Road to Marathon #2

You know … sometimes us runners are just plain C.R.A.Z.Y (yup…totally roped all of you in on this).

So, there I was … it was after 9pm and I was searching my Facebook page when I saw it! It was an advertisement for the Philly Marathon (November 24, 2019) and I don’t remember what happened next … but somehow I was punching in the number of my credit card and “Congratulations You’re Registered” just appeared on the screen.

My first marathon was the 2017 Marine Corps Marathon and it was an awesome experience. I ran alone but there were several magnificent women from the Woodbridge/Manassas MRTT also running that morning. There is absolutely nothing that compares to the camaraderie from that group.

MCM photo op

So fast-forward to 2019 and there is SO much that has changed about my life. I now live in South Carolina (also known as “holy HELL it’s HOT“), I run alone in the mornings (because frankly no other MRTT compares), and I am two years older. But there is nostalgia in the realization that the road to a marathon is full of early morning weekends, sweaty, stinking, nasty clothes (I mean seriously how much sweat can one gal produce?1?!), heat rash under my bra line, and frequent exploration of my sanity.

This time around I have a wonderful trainer who’s introducing me to new methods, reminding me to take care of myself, and sharing the method to the madness of marathon training. Most importantly — she is reminding me of the mental toughness required to run 26.2 miles … when … absolutely nothing is chasing you.

if you quit now

I will be traveling solo, running solo, and will have no MRTT wing women along the route. Perhaps the greatest change to this journey is the realization that at the core of it all is just me and the road.


New Location, New Career, Same Love

It’s been six months since my last blog. To be frank, my life has taken quite a few turns since my Yuengling’s Shamrock Marathon Weekend post.

JB photoLove: I broke up with my long-time beau. We ran many races together since 2016 and he will likely remain the greatest love of my life. But our love simply ran its course (pun totally intended).

Career & Location: In August, I started a new career as a professor in South Carolina. In late-September, I survived the post-Hurricane Florence flood, but my home sustained severe damage. That happened as I officially retired from the Army in October after 20 years of service. My home is currently under construction, but I should be back in my “new” home before Christmas.

The amazing thing about love and loss is that the most painful events underscore the simplicity of life. It took a while, but I’ve embraced these last six months and the many lessons about perseverance, patience, and perspective. Despite it all, my love-hate relationship with running continues to blossom, as does the second part of my life.