The Beauty of Bishops Events

In hindsight, when I started running in spring 2016 I should’ve chosen a Bishops Events as my first race vice the one I chose (more on that in another blog). Anyway…as I was saying … there is a uniqueness to the Bishops Events that a novice runner (like myself) or a seasoned runner can appreciate! I ran two of these races in 2016, two in 2017, and I’m running a few this year, starting with the Kiss My Asphalt in February at Old Mill Park, Fredericksburg (you should totally sign up — it’ll be FUN).

Cost and Ease of Registration: One click on the selected race and you’ll see the current price (relatively inexpensive for a race with chipped timing, a t-shirt, and a medal), when the price increases, and everything else you need to know about the race – it’s that simple.

Morning of the Race: You pick up your race bib and t-shirt the morning of the race (usually an hour before it starts). Travis (the owner/organizer) is usually at the table, he’s the dude that will casually grab his bike and a bull horn and motion everyone to congregate near the start. I’m telling you, it’s so incredibly low key – kinda like when you’re about to go running with an excellent group of folks. Only in this case, you get a medal (yes, I’m a medal snob … not a fan of only getting a t-shirt at the end (a Turkey Trot is the only exception) … don’t judge me).  

Locations: The races are held in a variety of locations in Virginia, D.C., and Maryland – I’ve only attended the ones in VA thus far. Old Mill Park is my favorite, it’s serene, there’s shade along the way, and it’s a paved trail. Prince William Forest Park (Trail) is my second favorite … there’s a hill at the end (nuff said).


Rappahannock River from Old Mill trail

You can PR: As I have eluded to, I am not a fast runner (and by the way, only fast runners respond with encouraging words like “speed will come,” or “hey, at least you’re out here running” — so bless your heart) … BUT … my point is … I actually came in first place in my age group on the Wounded Warrior 5K last year. Now, before you start your “oh good for you,” this is likely because I was the only person in my year group (okay, I’m kidding… there was like three of us). But seriously, the crowd is not in the hundreds like other races, which can get overwhelming (and this event series is a much appreciated break from all the pre-race shenanigans).

Or, You can be Inspired to Improve: This year, there is a Back of the Pack Series (for women and men) that is solely meant to encourage and inspire those (like myself) that are not fast runners, but are runners all the same.

So, maybe I’ll see you out there?

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