Run/Walk/Swim/Crawl the Distance

Tis the season to self-reflect. If you’re like the general public, you may have thought about signing up for a virtual challenge as a source of motivation. In 2017, I participated in two challenges: I Love to Run’s 1,000 miles in 2017 challenge, and Run the Edge’s Amerithon Challenge. Now, both of these challenges encourage you (or a team) to run, bike, swim, or walk your way to accomplishing your goals (heck, there was no way I was running 1,000 miles in 2017). The Amerithon Challenge doesn’t have a set time for completion – it’s totally up to you. My beau and I, aka “Team Love is Bliss,” started on 4 July 2016 (took us about 17 months).

Comparatively Speaking …

Comparison of Bling.jpg

The I Love to Run 2017 and the Amerithon Challenge Medals

Bling: The Amerithon Challenge medal is AWESOME … you actually add pieces as you progress. I ordered the “get it all” package which comes with a map, badges to add to your “passport,” as well as the medal. There’s also a “finisher shoe” that comes with this baby. In all fairness, the 2017 I Love to Run medal was smaller than the 2016 medal, and judging from the website, I believe the 2018 version is going back to the previous size (2017 left much to be desired).

Navigating the Website: The Amerithon Challenge’s website was easier to navigate (via cellphone and computer). There were less clicks to log my miles on a regular basis. However, I Love to Run’s website synched with the MapMyRun app, so as long as the “synch my accounts” function worked … presto!

Milestones for Motivation: Hands down, the Amerithon Challenge provided daily motivation by counting down the miles to the next milestone, providing stickers to put in your passport, and sending emails commemorating your milestone. However, I Love to Run does offer inspirational articles and posters on its website. You can also purchase a pretty cool visual calendar.

Price: Both of these virtual challenges give you options so you can get the most out of your goal. For example, on I Love to Run, you can opt to run 1,000 miles; 1,500 miles; or 2,000 miles in the year OR run/walk/exercise 100 days in the year. With the Amerithon Challenge you can opt to purchase the basic, deluxe, or “get it all” package.

New Year, New Challenge!

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.06.53 PM

Team “Love is Bliss” has begun our challenge!

This year, “Team Love is Bliss” has signed up for the Run the Year 2018 Challenge we are beyond excited to log 2,018 miles by the end of the year. So, here’s to finding challenges and committing to a better version of yourself! Go hard in the paint! 



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